Mission Statement

Los Angeles city shelters are overflowing with homeless cats. Local euthanasia rates surpass 60% for cats and 80% for unweaned kittens. Last year alone, LA euthanized over 12,000 cats and dogs.

Our goal is to help turn Los Angeles into a “No Kill” city. To that end, The Cat’s Meow rehomes over 300 cats and kittens annually. Prior to finding their forever homes, rescued cats receive in-home fostering for rehabilitation and socialization, as well as comprehensive medical care, including spay/neuter. In addition to pulling the highest-risk cats from shelters, we rescue felines directly from the streets to reduce the burden on local overcrowded shelters.

We focus our time and resources on the following four strategic priorities:

  1. Rescuing cats from the euthanasia list at LA City Shelters, as well as off the street directly
  2. Funding spay/neuter clinics in the surrounding LA communities
  3. Educating community members on the importance of spaying and neutering
  4. Rehoming our rescued cats to responsible and caring families