Morgan & Stanley



Morgan and Stanley (all gray) were found at eight-weeks-old at a house with a bunch of stray cats. With their eyes crusted shut, these little sacks of skin and bones were clearly in rough shape. Both boys were on the verge of death.

Awesome foster Akhil teamed up with Grace to rescue the kittens. They took the boys to the vet, where they received treatment for respiratory infections, ear infections, fleas, and mites. Both boys were malnourished–Morgan in particular. They needed some major recovery time, so Akhil and canine foster brother Otter took them in.

Morgan_doggie_fosterLittle by little, the boys recovered with medications, hand feeding, and lots of love from Akhil and Otter. They survived and eventually thrived in foster care.

Last weekend, the boys found their forever home with Brian and Gerry. Adopted together, they will forever be best friends.