Debunking Cat Myths

We hear a lot of false information about cats. Some common rumors include that cats are unsafe with babies, that they don’t get along with other animals, or that they’re skittish and can’t adapt.

We’ve compiled some resources with accurate information and helpful tips. Please spread the word to help more cats find the loving homes they deserve.

A few important facts about overpopulation:

  • Sadly, a high percentage of cats taken to local Los Angeles city shelters are killed. This includes cats who are surrendered by their owners for any reason. In 2014, over 19,000 cats were killed in the shelter system — that’s 70% of all cats brought into the LA city shelter system! (reference: LA Times)
  • A single unspayed cat can produce over 20 kittens per year… that’s over 100 offspring in her lifetime! One litter of kittens can produce thousands of cats.
  • The best way to reduce overpopulation is to spay/neuter your cats and to help friends and family spay/neuter their cats. Spay/neuter has additional benefits for cats, including making them more social and reducing aggression. Plus, spayed cats live longer, healthier lives.