About Us

Today, we have 100+ fantastic volunteers running our feline rescue operation. 90% of these volunteers serve as foster parents who care for our rescue felines until they find forever homes.

Our co-founder and regional director Talia Goldman resides in Los Angeles and oversees this arm of the operation. In the Los Angeles area, our primary mission is to rescue felines from the local city shelter system when they have 24 hours or less to live.

Currently, we are saving 500+ felines from the L.A. city shelter system on an annual basis.

In Hampton Roads, Virginia, co-founder and regional director Carla Browning is launching a citizen-driven TNR initiative. This initiative is a grass roots effort currently being piloted in Suffolk, Virginia. The goal for 2018 is to TNR 1100 felines within the Suffolk community.

We are currently growing our operation in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Right now, we have a small number of fosters and are looking for volunteers to help expand our rescue efforts within the metroplex.