Furever Stories

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Mycroft (formerly known as Jerry) is a delightful, friendly, vocal cat with a lot of personality! Mycroft is very observant (he loves to perch), curious and has bonded with Malkah, my other cat. Together they love to sleep, play and enjoy mealtime with each other. We had a wonderful experience with The Cat’s Meow Rescue — everyone was so kind and caring. We are so grateful that Mycroft is forever a member of our family – Thank you The Cat’s Meow Rescue for uniting us!!


Sophie (formerly Charmy) is a beautiful Siamese who was rescued from the street. In foster care she was nursed to purrfect health and it wasn’t long before she found a forever family, who adopted another kitten from a different nonprofit for her to snuggle with.

Anderson and Belle

Anderson and BelleAnderson and Belle
Anderson Cooper was found one stormy day hiding from the elements in a car engine. Foster parents Natalie and Alexis gave him a safe, dry place to live. It was while staying with them that he met Belle, an adorable kitten who had been rescued from the street along with her siblings and mama. It was love at first sight, and the pair became inseparable. Anderson and Belle were adopted together by their forever parent Lindsey.

Bodhi, Arthur and Hamlet

Bodhi, Arthur & HamletBodhi & Arthur
Bodhi, Arthur and Hamlet were rescued from a tough life on the mean streets of L.A. Under the care of their foster parent Vivian, they became fast friends. Vivian decided to adopt them, and they have since grown into handsome and playful cats.



Former “Cat of the Month” Izzy is an affectionate, playful brown tabby girl. For reasons unknown, Izzy was so often overlooked at our adoption fairs. Foster Cortney took good care of her for almost two years. In April, Izzy’s perfect family found her! Izzy was adopted into a home with three feline siblings.

Morgan & Stanley



Morgan and Stanley (all gray) were found at eight-weeks-old at a house with a bunch of stray cats. With their eyes crusted shut, these little sacks of skin and bones were clearly in rough shape. Both boys were on the verge of death.

Awesome foster Akhil teamed up with Grace to rescue the kittens. They took the boys to the vet, where they received treatment for respiratory infections, ear infections, fleas, and mites. Both boys were malnourished–Morgan in particular. They needed some major recovery time, so Akhil and canine foster brother Otter took them in.

Morgan_doggie_fosterLittle by little, the boys recovered with medications, hand feeding, and lots of love from Akhil and Otter. They survived and eventually thrived in foster care.

Last weekend, the boys found their forever home with Brian and Gerry. Adopted together, they will forever be best friends.

Merlin (now Charlie)


Merlin was rescued off the street as a kitten and fostered by one of our dedicated volunteers Samantha. He was adopted into forever home by Rebecca and his new kitty brother Henry. His forever family writes:

“Merlin is now Charlie, and he’s doing great!  As you can see, he and Henry are getting along fabulously:”

Ashley (now Amber)


Amber (formally Ashley) was taken in by foster Rebekah from a family struggling to make ends meet in Canoga Park. Her foster mother took her to the vet and had her spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, then called The Cat’s Meow to help find Amber her perfect forever home. While in foster care, adorable twelve-week-old Amber made friends with her canine and feline siblings. She was eventually adopted by Alex, and she now resides in her furever home!

Basil and Bellini


Forever parent Shannon writes:

“I realized back in July that I needed more love in my life, and with the help of The Cat’s Meow, was introduced to two kittens that immediately stole my heart. I initially only wanted one, so I adopted Basil and agreed to foster his sister, Bellini. One month later I adopted Bellini.

My family always had a cat while I was growing up, but it’s totally different having kitties of my own. They keep me constantly entertained with their antics and get into loving, snuggly moods that completely melt me. They’ve become my kitten loves and I can’t imagine my life without them!”

Maggie (now Luna)


Luna, formally Maggie, was rescued from the North Central shelter with her brother Bowie in July 2014. Both kittens were sick, as they are often are in the shelter. With some TLC from two fosters, Cyndi and Samantha, Maggie got healthy and settled into home life. Michelle and Tony spotted Maggie’s gorgeous green eyes online and had to meet her. The rest is history! Now Maggie lives with her wonderful forever parents and her 1-year old feline brother.