Furever Stories

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Tigress (now Elsa)

Elsa (formerly known as Tigress) was rescued from the North Central shelter in June 2013. She was in bad shape, suffering from a respiratory infection, fleas, and ear infections. Despite all that, Tigress was taking care of two kittens.

With some TLC from foster Mami, Tigress recovered and found her wonderful forever home.

Elsa’s forever mother wrote to us on her one-year anniversary:
“As you can see, Elsa is healthy and has finally recovered from her lengthy illness. By the way, this is the lake view that Elsa enjoys every day on the deck around my home.  Elsa is the love of my life!  She is a sweet little angel! With Mami’s love and care as her foster Mom, Elsa eventually gained her FOREVER home with me!”

Remy (now Bowie)


Bowie (formerly known as Remy) is a handsome 2-year-old boy who was rescued from the streets of Central LA in 2013. He was initially silent and very shy, but he gradually found his voice while in foster care. Bowie eventually became so outgoing that he would run up to this foster parents for cuddles and pets. He found his fabulous forever home this winter with Rachel. We could not be happier for him!

Ace (now Magnus)


Ace (now Magnus) is a handsome 4-year-old boy who was found abandoned in the Hollywood Hills by a good samaritan named Leah. He was placed into foster care with Les, who cared for him generously and nursed him through a respiratory infection and dental problems. Ace lucked out and found a wonderful forever home with Gail.

His rescuer Leah provided us with his history:
“We live in the Hollywood Hills not far from the Hollywood Bowl.  The neighborhood has many dogs, but very few cats.  Because coyotes can be seen often at night and even in the day, people around the neighborhood know to keep their cats inside… So in late October, I saw a gray and white cat on our back terrace twice.  This little guy is who we came to call Ace (because he is such an easy cat and pet)…

Ace was so eager to be pet and talked to.  He responded affectionately and me meowed at me for more.  I soon realized this is a stray who had a home…. We ended up learning how Ace became homeless in our neighborhood.  A woman about 10 houses down, who we didn’t know, had been renting a room.  She moved out and left Ace behind.

Ace spent a couple weeks on our terrace sleeping every day.  At night as we watched tv and ate dinner, he would look in the windows at us and it broke our hearts.  The final night we had him before placing him in the care of The Cat’s Meow, we introduced him to our two cats in the kitchen.  He was nonchalant and his usual polite self.  He is just such a good, all around cat.”

Royce and Bentley (now Jif and Moki)


Royce and Bentley were abandoned at Petco at only 12 weeks old. The Cat’s Meow took them in and provided full medical care to the boys (microchip, neuter, deworming, flea treatment, combo testing). The boys were placed into foster care with Janey, who nursed them to good health and helped the boys gain much-needed weight. Forever parent Susan spotted the boys at Petco with her fiance and decided to adopt them. She writes: “they are both doing amazing!”



Tiny Peaches was found on abandoned on the streets of Koreatown by a good samaritan, who called us for desperate help. We placed Peaches with one of our fosters, who syringe fed her formula until she was able to eat on her own. Peaches thrived in foster care and soon met her perfect forever family. Peaches was adopted into a lovely home with a new kitty sister Mila.

Lucky and Buddy (now Oscar and Felix)


Lucky and Buddy (now Oscar and Felix) are adorable twin orange tabby brothers who were born in January 2014 and fostered by Mami. Their foster mother described them as “Like Yin and Yang, growing up beautifully together.  They love wrestling and chasing each other and each has his own favorite toys.”

These two wonderful boys found their perfect forever home with Jeff, who opened his home to them after losing his beloved 20-year-old orange tabby stray kitty Ralphy to old age.