Lost & Found Cats

People often ask what to do when they find a stray cat (or a cat they think is a stray). In general, if you have found a cat, a good first step is to scan the cat for a microchip at your closet veterinarian’s office. If you believe the cat is lost, it is a good idea to post flyers around your neighborhood with the cat’s picture and your contact number. You may also wish to notify local shelters and veterinarians to see if anyone has reported the pet missing.

If the cat does not have a home, or you have taken in a street cat, we suggest placing the cat in a quiet, secured room with no other animals. Bathrooms are usually a good start just in case the cat is sick or makes a mess. Make sure the cat has plenty of fresh water and food. Though many abandoned cats will already know how to use a litter box, keep in mind that street cats may need some training. We recommend a product called “Cat Attract” to encourage the cat to use the box. Do not mix the cat with any other animals until it has settled in and been examined by a veterinarian. We recommend that all cats be tested for FELV/FIV, spayed or neutered, treated for worms, treated for fleas, and vaccinated for FVRCP.

As a foster-based rescue, we always run at capacity. However, we are happy to help find the cat a good home if you are able to just foster him/her for the short-term. If there is no way for you to keep the cat for even a few days, please ask your friends and family to help out while we find a home. We do not recommend taking the cat to a shelter, as there is a very good chance the cat will be killed at the shelter. Fostering is a very rewarding experience and often saves the cat’s life.

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