Current Fosters

Thank you for fostering with us! By fostering, you are directly saving a cat that would otherwise be stuck out on the street or in the shelter system. 

We ask that you actively participate in our media campaigns to show off your fosters and help them get adopted quickly. We also appreciate your help in collecting all medical records for your foster cats.

(1) Photos: Take pictures of your foster cat. These pictures should capture the cat with his/her eyes open and looking at the camera. We suggest taking the pictures in a well-lit room at a reasonably high resolution (photos 300KB-1.5MB size preferred). Note: Large files (over 4-5MB) cannot be uploaded to this form and can be emailed to us directly.

(2) Video:  Use your camera phone, handheld camera, or computer to make a short video of your foster cat doing something cute. Good videos show the cat playing and/or interacting with family members. Videos should be under 30 seconds long. Please upload your video to YouTube and send us the YouTube link. If you cannot upload your video to YouTube, please attach it as a file (.MOV format preferred).

(3) Medical Records: Please submit all available records for each medical visit*. If you pick your cat up at the shelter, please send us a copy of the shelter records. 
*Note: All medical care must be approved, in writing, in advance by The Cat’s Meow.

Please submit all materials using the form below.